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Unique Furniture Unique Material

ISANAN FURNINDO is a company engaged in the wood furniture industry.

We accept various orders for export quality products for the export market as well as for the domesticmarket. The raw materials we use are wood and wood waste that can be renewable such as,demolition of old wooden houses, Javanese wood, and teak wood. We receive a custom product for your furniture business.




"To become an international scale furniture company that helps protect and preserve nature and the environment".


*Producing quality furniture products by implementing quality assurance

*Using recycled wood material as the main material for furniture

*Innovate to produce unique and innovative products

*Manage and develop creative and professional human resources

*Maintain customer satisfaction and build strong relationships through the supply chain.




tuareg furniture

Custom Product

We produce custom product as you wish for your furniture business needs

Weaving Furniture

Natural Weaving Furniture

We produce various product that made from several materials, one of our unique furniture are made from reclaimed wood combined with natural fiber such as banana bark (abaca), palm leaf, pandan leaf, Lum, thread, seagrass and coconut fiber.

industrial furniture

Industrial Custom Furniture

We produce various furniture made from reclaimed teakwood combined with iron which has a luxurious and exclusive impression.

Natural Weav